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Monday, January 9, 2012

Guns - why we need more of them

Something liberals don't understand: violence has always existed and will always exist.
Guns are not allowed in Indonesia but I'm told people kill each other with hatchets over there.
So getting rid of guns is not a real solution. In fact what if everyone had one. Think about it, you are walking anywhere and you know that everyone is legally required to own a weapon of some kind & carry it on their person. Who is going to rob anyone??? How long would a rampage last? How many serial killers or rapists would there be? Imagine a world where no one messes with any one. How would anyone hijack a plane or steal a car. Who would invade this country? I don't think we would even need a standing army if we did this, it would be cheaper. We might need the police for somethings sometime.

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