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Monday, January 9, 2012

Why America is a souless corporation

America home of the whopper & the big mac:
                              Wants dumb irresponsible insecure children.
    Because if they are insecure they will buy stupid clothes to be "cool" they will live how they are told to live. The fact that GQ magazine tells you what to wear, WHAT TO WEAR. You pay someone to be your mom, TO DRESS YOU. Idiots. You buy overpriced pieces of fabric because someone you've never met but everyone thinks is cool has their name on your clothes. You buy into fads, which come with expiration dates because you are not cool. You crave to be cool. You imitate the cool, you dress like them, etc. Cool comes from not caring and being you. By definition you cannot be cool by being someone else. So you waste your money, keeping up with the Joneses.

America wants stupid children.

    If they are dumb they will not question authority. Remember you are paying people money or time to tell you what to eat, dress, listen to, watch and spend your money on. You already don't want to live your life. The government and religion are extensions of that.
They want irresponsible kids.
If you are irresponsible you won't make your own decisions and stand by your word. You won't stand up to anyone. You have no need to take action. You are submissive.

If they are dumb, insecure and irresponsible they will rake up huge debts.
    So that big businesses get bailouts and they get employees with no option of leaving; because of all the debts they owe to credit card companies, mortgages and colleges.
All because they told you that there is such a thing called the safe debt load.
The "safe" debt load. It's kind of like "safe" sex.
    You can still catch herpes, aids, other STDS and at least 1% of the time you will get a girl preggo-waffles.
But yeah, it's safe, and only vaguely enjoyable; but you crave it.

                                     You don't really know what you want do you?

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