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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Never try to change someone

Trying to change someone means you don't like them.
If you don't like them, why be with them?
If you are just having sex, cool.
That means you toss her away if she is gets annoying and tries to change you.
You only put up with what you want to put up with.
Accept people how they are or not at all.
Everyone has the right to be themselves.
You have the right to want what you want.
If you want this, this and this for a relationship, cool.
If he or she doesn't fit those requirements: don't get in a relationship with them.
It's not about what they want.
It's about what you want.
It's about your happiness.
Why be in a relationship you know you won't be happy or satisfied in?
My friends crack me.


  1. the scorpion's nature...
    it's the human nature. we're always dissatisfied

  2. I used to date a chick back in college that didn't like my constant upbeat attitude.. She tried to change me and failed miserably.

  3. i agree with vulcan we are always wanting more when what we need is right in front of us.

  4. Like people for who they are, not what you want them to be... easier said then done. just imagine how much better this world would be if people could though :)

  5. You coulnd`t be more right. I like your blog. +follow

  6. This, so much this. It's one thing to help someone with life changes they want. But it's completely selfish to expect someone to become someone else for you. Sometimes people just aren't compatible.

  7. Some people are just that lonely, and just want someone that much.

  8. welcome to my blog, I'm following!