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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Modern males are weak

Why do you change who you are to try to please a woman or to make her happy?
She either likes you the way you are or she doesn't like you.
You are being molded into an imaginary version of you.
Why do you put up with this?
Why do you go along with this?
You must dislike your life to be willing to have it completely changed.
Some guys let women change how they dress, what they watch on television, who they hang out with , how they talk.
I know a guy that gave up becoming a professional rugby player because his girlfriend didn't like it.
This idiot married her.
He had to have checkin's every night with her via phone.
He couldn't go to college dances because she didn't like it.
You guys....
Your fathers should be ashamed of you.
It is not about "making" her happy.
She should be happy, being herself.
If she isn't naturally happy then something is wrong in her life.
Something is wrong with her.
Then you are going to change you?
For her?
To make her happy?
By making you sad?
Then you want to be mistreated from then on?
Then you think that fighting is normal?
Just because most people have terrible relationships doesn't mean that you have to have one.
A lot of people are addicted to drugs, does that mean you have to be?
Then some of you idiots think "well it's about time to get married."
No, you only do that if you two are compatible and she respects you.
I am usually disgusted by television and film.
I am disgusted because men are almost always mistreated and disrespected.
I am amazed at the disrespect you guys put up with.
I am amazed that you guys want to be friends with women.
I saw the show New Girl.
I couldn't understand it.
Zooey Deschannel is hot.
If she says "I'm looking for a rebound."
Then I'm there saying my room is this way.
Young guys that are supposedly good with women and NO ONE tries to get with Zooey when she is craving dick.
I've lost friends over girls; the girls not liking me. Which is some ridiculousness; how are you going to put a woman over your friends? Really?
Look: once she has your balls & spines...she only wants your wallet. She will cheat on you. You are only making life worse for yourself by submitting.
Everyone makes their own hell.
You are responsible for everything in your life.
Oh yeah: I hear you guys think that you will die in the year 2012 because of the Mayans or something dumb. Hey if you can predict the future, why did your civilization die?

It is not your chore to make her smile.
She makes herself smile.
You two are supposed to make each other happier together.
If she is making you unhappy, why are you with her?
The world today is insane.


  1. Wow, what a rant. But yes, I am a man. A man must stick to his guns.

  2. Some men are no longer what they are supposed to be and pussyfoot their way into situations that require their innate natural ability to be the "leader of the pack". Nowadays it's all being careful not to lose the girl otherwise you become emo.

    The way some guys think these days is depressing...