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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Rushes towards complete destruction

I don't know why the politicians hate this country. They vote against improving education. They vote against public health care. They vote against what is best for the people. They vote for wars and pay increases for themselves. They vote for lower taxes for themselves and the businesses that donate funds to their campaigns.
  Now there is talk for war with Iran. We always fight 3rd world nations. We never concern ourselves with our budget. Our wars are not free. The more wars we have the more people die. The more money we borrow from China. The stronger our enemies grow. You cannot fight and destroy ideology. The Catholic Church knows this best of all. They used to own most of Europe. Then the protestants changed that. Violence doesn't make you right and will not preserve you.
  Many people think that America is invincible and that America will last forever. I do not. I am a realist. I know when to abandon ship. We are not there yet, but we are coming close. We've  lost our desire for hard work. We've lost all the qualities that made America great. Now China has them, except for freedom.
  We kid ourselves, we haven't had freedom for very long if ever. We forget the Red Scare when citizens were hounded for being communists. We forget the civil rights movement was only 50-60 years ago. We have freedom because the rest of the world hasn't caught up to the Internet, yet. We like freedom, but we will not be given it. Freedom isn't free you have to take it. The legislators want to take all power and freedom and convince you that your rights are privileges. They do this to control you.
   Those with power, want more power. They want to conserve their power. They want you to give them your power. You must not do it. They will convince you that they are right. They will convince you that opinions are facts and make them laws. Laws are agreements that those in power have with others in power. You obey them because you choose to. In reality if enough people ignored them the laws would have to change. Such as the civil rights movement. It was against the law, but the law was against the people.
   Power grabs are much more insidious than before. They have the media to create a dream world. You won't even know that they have power over you. They have you believing that dreams are real, that real is dreams. The less powerful you think you are the quicker you will give away your power for someone to save you. Only you can save yourself.


  1. I agree. If only people could say this is enough and give some power back to the people.

  2. The concept of freedom barely exists, in our world today. There is too much contradiction - far too much control,yet no control at all. Frustrating, to say the least.

    Well written - it's always refreshing to hear words of realism, from a citizen of the US.

    GM x